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Tate Cares for communities and people

Allen Tate staff and agents support their communities through the Tate Cares program for United Way, arts and culture and public education.

At Allen Tate, we show our civic commitment through our charitable giving program, Tate Cares. Our goal is to be a good citizen in the communities we serve by supporting programs that enhance quality of life and improve the lives of our employees and neighbors.

Tate Cares supports a broad spectrum of charitable organizations, cultural entities, foundations, civic groups and schools. Through Tate Cares, we support community life through arts and culture as well as programs that help people in need.

"When we work to improve the life of our community, property values reflect that," Allen Tate President Pat Riley says. "Tate Cares allows us to give back to our communities, and that is important to all of us at Allen Tate."

Tate Cares supports local United Way agencies and arts and cultural campaigns across the Carolinas. In addition, our annual employee FUNday raises money for local public education causes.

Allen Tate has raised more than $5.06 million for Tate Cares over the past 21 years.

Our funding philosophy:

  • Tate Cares supports local cultural campaigns that promote arts, science, history and heritage. A vibrant arts community helps drive people to the region, improving cultural and economic life at the same time.
  • Also through Tate Cares, we support the United Way, which in turn provides the foundation to help people in need, an essential ingredient for being a good neighbor in any community.
  • Another piece of Tate Cares is FUNday, an employee-participation day of activities, which raises money to support public education endeavors. To date, FUNday has contributed more than $2.21 million to public education in the Carolinas. Tate Cares believes that education is critically important to quality of life and economic development in our communities. "The perception that the community has of the school house in the neighborhood has a direct impact on the residential property values of that community," Riley says. "Public education is a representation of the vitality of the region and its economic drivers."
  • In addition to these major initiatives, Allen Tate Company encourages and supports agents as they find their own personal passions. These projects are wide-ranging and include such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, local youth sports organizations, disaster relief, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hospice, Race for the Cure, local homeless shelters, Second Harvest Food Bank, Relay for Life and Boys & Girls clubs, to name only a few. Our employees also support the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Arthritis Foundation and many other health awareness projects.
  • The nonprofit Allen Tate Foundation supports research and economic development.

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