Steps You'll Take in Buying a Home

At Allen Tate, we'll help you navigate the process of buying a home from start to finish. It's the kind of service that has made us No. 1 in the Carolinas.

Here's what to expect as you begin to look for a home.
  • Find a Realtor. Pick a person you can talk to and be candid about what you're looking for. The more your Realtor knows about you and what you want in a home, the more helpful they can be. Your Realtor is an advocate and advisor. Don't have a Realtor? We can help.
  • Meet with a mortgage consultant. At this point, you can choose to be pre-qualified or pre-approved. Pre-qualified means you've spoken with a lender and you've been given an estimate of an amount you might be approved for. It is not approval for a mortgage. Pre-approval is a more comprehensive process and means that the lender has checked your credit and has given you tentative approval for a mortgage, contingent on appraisal, title search and details related to the specific property you have chosen. Pre-approval allows you to move quickly when you see a house you like. It can also give you an edge in negotiation.
  • Decide where you want to live and how much you can afford. Use 1st to Know and TateMap to narrow your search. Your Realtor will help you as well.
  • Tour homes with your Realtor. Make sure that everyone involved in the decision-making is included on the home tours.
  • Work with your Realtor to make an offer when you find a home you want to buy.
Your offer is accepted.
  • Inspect the property with a professional. Note concerns, make arrangements for and negotiate repairs, if any. Work with contractors to work out any issues before closing day.
  • Talk to Allen Tate Insurance, which offers a wide variety of carriers and coverage, about your homeowners insurance. Working with an independent agency such as Allen Tate gives you the ability to get the best coverage at the best possible price.
  • Do a final walk-through.
  • Start making moving arrangements. These include hiring a mover, completing change-of-address materials and making arrangements for utility services. Allen Tate Home Services can help you find a recommended mover.
  • It's time to sign the papers and get the keys to your home. Your Realtor will let you know the time, date and place of closing and will tell you about anything you need to bring to the table.
After closing.
  • Documents are sent to your lender and funds are disbursed.
  • Documents are recorded in the county clerk's office; a copy is sent to you.
  • Title company issues the title policy, sends a copy to mortgage company and to you.

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