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Predicting the unpredictable

If you’ve ever heard a summer weather forecast – sunny, highs in the mid-80s, chance of late afternoon thundershowers – you might decide that it’s not too hard to be a meteorologist. But when it comes to predicting hurricanes, the process is highly scientific, utilizing analog data, statistical models, atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures. According to the pros, Hurricane Season 2016 might be a big one.

Offer Accepted –Now What?

Shut the front door. Your offer was approved! Cue your best Katy Perry “Roar” karaoke performance, right?! Wrong–or not just yet. You’ve still got the appraisal and the inspection to ace before you can belt out the chorus to your favorite anthem.

Let’s do brunch

It’s Friday, the day when you firm up weekend plans between trying to finish already overdue projects at work. Which means it’s time to think about where to get your bacon fix on Saturday or Sunday morning. (Yeah, we said bacon. Sorry.) Brunch is that perfect combination of breakfast and lunch that allows […]