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Susan Catoe- Allen Tate Insurance

I don’t wear suits. Before you read any further, I thought you should know that. You see, I try to enjoy what I’m doing every day, and over the years I’ve learned that wearing suits isn’t part of that program. I’ve learned a few other things over the years as well, specifically about buying and selling homes in Charlotte. For instance, I know that buying and/or selling a home is stressful (it’s only the biggest transaction you’ll ever make), but it doesn’t always have to feel that way. Why? Because there’s a methodology to buying and selling a home, a definitive process to go through. With experience, you learn how to navigate that process, and how to best use your time, money, and energy to avoid potential dead-ends and obstacles on the way to getting the results you want. That’s why you hire someone like me. After nearly 20 years of working with clients in the Charlotte market, my experience and expertise (my winning personality is just gravy) allow me to effectively manage the burden of buying/selling your home so you don’t have to. The result for you is a less stressful, more rewarding collaborative experience. Whether you’re relocating from Uptown Charlotte or Upstate New York, I offer you the benefit of nearly 20 years of doing business in the Charlotte market. I think you’ll find it invaluable in your search for real estate happiness.

Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

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