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Trust the Professionals

When you visit Bank of America Stadium this football season, you’ll be sure to notice the impressive additions – new escalators, ribbon boards circling the seating area and two amazing 12,180-square-foot, high-definition PantherVision video screens. What you won’t notice is the team of experienced professionals...

Make a home inventory list

We all are so busy with life that we never really think about “What if I had a fire or natural disaster?” If tragedy happened, would you be able to remember every item you own, itemized room by room? We don’t typically notice, nor do we keep a documented list of all our worldly possessions...

It’s FUNday Season!

Now that summer is winding down and kids are settled back in school, it seems to be the “season” for everything – football season (and the end of baseball season), apple-picking season, fall yard work season, community festival season, etc. At Allen Tate Company, it’s FUNday season...