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When your'e covered in water, are you covered?

April showers bring … questions about homeowners’ coverage? “Well, yes,” replied Robin Price, president of Allen Tate Insurance, when I caught up with her this week. With all the storms and downpours the season brings, I had some questions and concerns, just like any homeowner who has watched a Carolina blue sky suddenly turn dark and ominous [...]

The best moments happen at home

If I close my eyes, I can still hear the familiar sound of the click-clack, clickity-clack my little red radio flyer made as it came hobbling down the road. Still day dreaming, I recall my favorite black converse sneakers covered in dust from the unsettled dirt road I walked upon each Saturday morning as I made my way to our neighborhood grocery store [...]

A healthy lesson

There’s a phrase that inspires a burst of excitement in every school kid: We’re going on a field trip. But here’s the irony. Most of those students don’t realize that a field trip is not a “free” day with no class or tests, but rather, a very clever way for teachers to disguise even bigger life lessons [...]