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Cozy up to December in the Carolinas

Looking for more cozy than commercial this holiday season? We are, too and found these less stressful events and things to do for those of you who are looking to go from overloaded to overjoyed. Sanctuary Chef Vivian Howard of the PBS A Chef’s Life fame recommends the Love Feast at Old Salem, both for the special [...]

Black Friday bargains – real estate style

Today is Black Friday, widely considered the most profitable day of the year for brick-and-mortar retailers. And while holiday shopping trends have changed in recent years (Thanksgiving Day shopping, Cyber Monday), the stores will no doubt be filled with savvy shoppers looking for that hard-to-find item or “door buster” bargains. [...]

Thanksgiving trivia

Generally, conversations on politics and religion, or comments about absentee family members or friends should be avoided at the Thanksgiving table. So what does that leave you to talk about? Maybe start here, and share these Thanksgiving fun facts to help keep the day light, civil and peaceful. [...]